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Visit this page on a regular basis for the latest news in naturopathic medicine, and upcoming events at the Millennium Health Centre.

Millennium hosts breast cancer screening clinic.

On March 23, 2007 the Millennium Health Centre will be hosting a Digital Infrared Thermography clinic for the public. Thermography is a recognized breast screening procedure that can detect breast changes and/or cancers before a mammogram, ultrasound or M.R.I. can detect a problem. Used as the first line breast screening in numerous countries, Dr.s Jones and McQuarrie feel committed to bring this very important tool to the region. For more information on Thermography click on www.medthermonline.com.

Dr. Jones and Millennium featured on regional CTV news broadcast.

On January 30, 2007 the Millennium Health Centre and Dr. Jones were the feature of a CTV news story. The news station contacted Dr. Jones with interest in interviewing him and visiting the clinic to learn more about the intravenous therapies used at the clinic to treat cancer. As the March 28, 2006 Canadian Medical Association Journal reported on the success of treating cancer with intravenous vitamin C, CTV’s senior reported Norman Fetterley wanted to find out if the therapy was available in eastern Ontario. He found that Millennium was unique in providing the treatment within the region and reported upon the clinic on the region’s 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm news. Look for the broadcast to be available on this website.

Dr. Jones made President of Cornwall’s ‘Service Club Council’.

Having been committed to community service, Dr. Jones has volunteered his time for over 15 years to various agencies in Toronto and Cornwall. Dr. Jones joined the Cornwall Kiwanis club in 2003 and was honored with the ‘Kiwanian of the Year’ award in 2004/2005. Committed to serving his club, he joined the ‘Service Club Council’ in 2004. The council is a body formed to co-ordinate the efforts of all service clubs in the region to ensure that the charitable needs of the community are met. In 2007, Dr. Jones was made President of this council. He looks forward to the challenges in helping his neighbors in the Seaway Valley.

Laboratory capabilities expand.

The Millennium Health Centre has always focused upon finding the actual cause of a condition rather than masking symptoms with medicines. To that end, it has always been the region’s only clinic (naturopathic or conventional medicine) to offer and use advanced ‘functional medicine’ testing from federally accredited labs in the United States (see the ‘Services’ page for ‘Functional Medicine). The doctors at Millennium have added more laboratories to the clinic’s testing facility. The result is patient access to the most up-to-date scientific testing with the lowest costs. See the ‘Services’ page to directly link to the labs used by Millennium Health Centre (for a full description of tests available).

Millennium Moves Into New Clinic Space.

With its continued growth, Dr.s Jones and McQuarrie moved into their new home on January 22, 2006. As photos from the website reveal, the site enjoys a spacious reception bathed in sunlight to nourish its many plants. Consultation rooms have glass block walls to allow for both privacy and natural sunlight. Treatment rooms are large and the I.V. suite leaves all feeling relaxed. On-site laboratory facilities mean patients can get their blood work done without long waits at public labs and with privacy. Stop in to see the changes!