Tips to keep your beard nice

Jan, Piet, Joris and Corneel had it. Beards! The beard has existed in our existence since time immemorial. The beard is in 2016! Not only the short stubble, but also the big beards that can be styled, beards that you can be proud of. Of course it always remains to be seen whether a lady likes you with a beard and if you can grow a nice beard at all. Do you want a nice beard? Then you have to maintain it well.

Are you blessed with a beautiful beard? Then you are proud of it. It is not just something to keep a beard. It is not something like going to the supermarket and coming home with what you want. A beard requires patience and effort. The moment you intend to leave your beard, you do not have that much maintenance for the first two weeks. It grows quickly, because you throw the razor blades aside and you do not need to do anything. Even if you do not know what the result of your beard growth is, you can always make a start. Always remember in advance what you want, what your goal is and where you want to work. Do you want a nice curly mustache, let it grow. Do you want a long beard, then realize that it takes a lot of time and that you can get frustrated regularly by the point of itching, because it seems to grow so slowly. There is hope! Because once you reach that point. Your patience is put to the test and your perseverance is excellent. You have a beard. And then?

Tips to keep your beard nice


The most important tip is washing your beard. There will be food along your hair, sometimes a drink along your mustache. You are unknowingly picking your beard a lot of times a day and this causes all kinds of dirty bacteria. Research shows that many beards are dirty and full of food waste and all kinds of bacteria that can even make you sick. That is why it is important to wash your beard regularly. You can do this best with regular shampoo, but keep your mouth closed during rubbing. There are also many other cleaning products on the market to wash your beard, but ordinary shampoo is fine. Washing everything with water does not make any sense; you do not wash your hands and your hair with only water. Do this on a regular basis and your beard does not only smell delicious, it is also nice and clean.


Because beard hairs are rough and dry after showering, it is best to buy an oil for your beard. Beard oil is for sale at most barbers. The costs are relatively low and if you regularly – and especially after washing the beard – smear it with beard oil, it not only gives your beard a fresh look, it is also nourishing, smells good and your hair becomes softer. Oils have been brought to the market in various brands and fragrances and of course this is very personal. Look at a barber if they have something for you.

Brushing and combing

To have a nice beard, you have to comb it regularly or brush it. You can use a regular comb for this, but the tangles in your beard are often intense, especially if you have a curly beard. A comb can hurt, because it takes the skin off your cheeks or chin. It is good to do this occasionally. In addition, a special brush has been placed on the market for beards. It has thick hair and looks a bit like an old-fashioned brush to brush your shoes, but much smaller. The brush has fine hair and is pricey in purchase, but lasts a long time. Brush once a day gives all the effect of a full, straight beard.

Shave and cut

Not only do you have to care for a beard. In order not to have a too big beard, styling is a good starting point. In addition, it is useful to keep the contours of the beard line with a razor blade. Of course this is just what you want, and what the length of your beard is. A contour line starts at the sideburns and runs all the way along your face (above your neck and on your cheeks) to the other side of your face. Some men consciously choose to grow hair on the neck, others shave this right. But to come neatly for the day – which man does not want it now – it is useful to think about what you want.

Think also of the material that you will use. To keep contour lines neat you can visit a barber, but you can easily do it yourself with a folding razor blade. You do not even need to use shaving foam, but a normal razor with multiple blades is also sufficient. However, it is not recommended to use a shaver, this really does not work.

What you could also keep with yourself is the sides of your beard, so that the trimmed contours are not only beautiful, but also the hair growth of your beard. You will not get a collar under your face and the beard will fall nicely in one direction. Let someone else do this, because you can not access everything yourself. It is useful to do this with a pair of scissors, but you can also trim this yourself with an electric trimmer.