How do Anabolic Steroids Work?

Anabolic steroids are substances derived from the hormone testosterone and are known mainly for their effects on muscles (muscle hypertrophy). However, these substances also have other effects, harmful to health, that can put the consumer’s life at risk.

These substances have clinical uses and, therefore, many of them are legally produced by pharmaceutical laboratories and can be prescribed, under medical guidance, for the treatment of certain pathologies, such as correcting hormonal insufficiency.


However, by increasing muscle mass, when taken in doses higher than those recommended for therapeutic purposes and in conjunction with weight training, these substances have been increasingly sought after and used by athletes to improve physical performance and by ordinary people to obtain a better aesthetic appearance.

When these substances are taken by healthy individuals, who obtain the doping substances illegally, without prescription and medical control, there is no supervision over the doses used, the conditions under which they are applied or the time they are taken.

Anabolic steroids can cause dangerous side effects, both physical and psychological, motivated mainly by hormonal dysregulation, overload of the liver and kidneys. In women, there may be a thickening of the voice, increased body hair, menstrual irregularities or clitoral growth, for example. In men, on the other hand, there is a risk of gynecomastia, reduced testicles, loss of libido, decreased number of sperm or baldness.

In my opinion, the answer lies in very broad and complex reasons in our society. Nowadays, the social demands to be “more” and better are increasing and the visceral “need” to win, in the face of the “loser / winner” dichotomy, is also increasing.

The 8 best exercise to train your man boobs away

Your good intentions of this year are bearing fruit. And that was also possible once. From the beginning of the year you will walk into the gym and then the next day you will not be able to walk down the stairs due to the muscle pain. Slowly you start to build up those gains and see results. Yet everyone has a ‘problem area’.

For one person, these are the lower abdominal muscles that remain covered by layer of fat. The other can, no matter how heavy and no matter how often there is being spawned, do not breed calves and the other does not make a progression in terms of chest muscles. And because men do not have breasts, the unnecessary fat can still accumulate causing man boobs. Do you suffer from this? These are the best exercises to get rid of:

T Push-Ups

Start in a standard push-up position. Hands slightly wider than the shoulders and elbows stretched. Keep your core tight and lower your upper body until your chest touches the ground. Go back up vigorously and point one hand in the direction of the ceiling and turn your upper body along until a T-shape is formed. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other hand.

Diamond Push-Ups

Start again in a standard push-up position, but place your hands directly under your chest so that your thumb and forefingers touch each other. Bring your body down. It is important that your elbows remain close to your body. Then bring your body up again and repeat this exercise.

Plyo Push-Ups

Standard push-up position, hands slightly wider than your shoulders and your elbogen stretched. Bring your body to the ground by bending your elbows. When you get to the ground, you push yourself strongly and quickly. Because of the powerful and rapid movement, your hands get off the ground. Try to fold at the highest point and land in the starting position. Then repeat this exercise.

Dive Bomber Push-Ups

Place your hands on the floor, slightly wider than your shoulders. Strengthen your body and place your legs as wide as your hands. Bring your ass upwards, creating an inverted V. Then you bring your body to the ground and before your chin touches the floor you slide your body forward so your chest comes forward and your back is hollow. Keep your arms straight and your head up. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position by reversing the exercise.

Standing Military Press

Place a bar on a squat rack at chest highest. Place the desired weight on the rod (less is more). Grab the bar with a wider grip than your shoulders. Bend your knees and place the weight high on your chest. Lift the rod in a straight vertical line above your head until your arms are straight.

Tempo Push-Ups

Standard push-up position, hands again slightly wider than the shoulders and elbows extended. Now you do a normal push-up, but then in a controlled slow-motion tempo.

Single-Arm Rotation

Grab a light dumbbell. Raise your arm and bend your elbow to a 90-degree angle with your palms facing forward. Move your arm forward until it is parallel to the floor. Repeat this exercise at a controlled speed.

Narrow Grip Bench Press

In this exercise, go for more repetitions with a lower weight instead of a heavy weight with only two repetitions. Lie flat on the bench and grab the bar with a narrow grip and keep your arms straight. Inhale, lower the bar until it touches your chest. Hold this position for one second and return the rod to the starting position. Hold the starting position for one second and lower the rod. Repeat this exercise.